Introducing the Universal EZ back™

The Universal EZ back™

Universal EZ back

The Universal EZ back™ is an earring back made with either a Sterling Silver, 10k, 14K, or 18K gold, (white or yellow) earnut encased with hypoallergenic clear translucent silicone. All products are NICKEL-FREE and HYPOALLERGENIC.

  • Keeps your precious earrings safe AND stops you from losing your earring backs
  • Fits the majority of typical earring post diameters from 0.45mm up to 1.10mm
  • Provides greater gripping power than traditional backs
  • Retains gripping power over time
  • Perfect for children to avoid earring loss since children tend to be more physically active than adults
  • Keeps posts from poking one’s neck
  • Allows one to sleep in comfort with earring on
  • In the larger size rectifies drooping earrings and enlarged/distended lobe problems

The Universal EZ back™ is Adaptable To…

  • Regular straight earring posts
  • Screw back earring posts
  • French wire earring posts (smaller version only)
  • Lever back earring posts
  • Omega back earring posts
  • Hoop and half hoop earring posts
  • Brooches as a safety pin clutch